OUR LOCATIONS for 2 to 4 people

Mousterlin • BP 43 • 29170 Fouesnant
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Camping in Brittany in Fouesnant, south Finistere 100 meters from the beach
Open from 29/04/23 to 10/09/23

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OUR LOCATIONS for 2 to 4 people

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☼ NEW IN 2022 ☼
4-5 pple
2 bedrooms
4 beds
13m² covered terrace


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Pet friendly

Pets are accepted (1 max/rental), in principle, under the following conditions:

  • That they never remain alone in the facilities
  • That you do not let them sleep on the beds or on the benches, neither on blankets.
  • They must be up-to-date at the vaccination level (vaccination record to be presented at the reception desk)
  • Dog of 1st and 2nd categories (dogs of defense and attack) prohibited